Standard & Special (Spc) Quantity Surveying Services


Provide Quantity Surveying inputs, if necessary, to the client’s organization in preparation of client’s requirements / brief.(Spc)

Involve in interpretation of client’s main requirements with the design team in terms of time, cost, performance and management.

Prepare initial cost plan and provide relationship to tender sums and final cost.

Identification and assessment of risk in terms of available options with the design team.(Spc)

Preparation of responsibility matrix.(Spc)


Determine on the feasibility of project with the design team in terms of functional, technical, financial and advice the client.(Spc)

Visit site and ascertain necessary information.

Outline Proposals

Develop the client’s briefing and study about the cost and report.

Review procurement routes and advise.

Prepare preliminary estimate.

Scheme Design

Preparation of cost plan incorporating available taxation, financial planning details and duty free facilities.

Life cycle costing and value engineering only if requested and include it in the scope. (Spc)

Detail Design

Cost checks on the provided designs and makes any revisions and advises accordingly.

Advise on appropriate procurement methods including sub contract procurement.


Assist in preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a tender to be obtained.

Signing of necessary documents and applications for statutory or BOI approvals.

Bills of Quantities/Tender

Take off measurements and prepare draft and tender BOQ.

Prepare Consultants Estimate based on tender BOQ.

Prepare tender conditions, contract conditions, appendices, schedules and forms for agreements, bonds and securities.

Assist in preparation of specifications.

Prepare pricing preambles.

Liaise with design team to obtain any comments.

Assess the extent of changes in subsequent specifications/ drawing issues.

Prepare tender notice as required by the client.

Participate in meetings with design team and make sure that the Tender Document is approved by the client.

Incorporate agreed subsequent changes and comments in tender document.

Involve in pre tender meetings and site visits.

Tender Action

Involved during an issue in the tender document to tender providers.

Assess the extent of changes in subsequent specifications/ drawing issues.

Issue Tender Addenda incorporating subsequent changes in liaison with design team.

Participate in tender openings.

Prepare tender evaluation report in liaison with design team.

Involve in tender negotiations and selection of the contractor to carry out the construction.

Project Commencement and planning

Draft letter of acceptance or letter of award.

Facilitate in obtaining the programme of work and cash flow in accordance with contract conditions.

Check and obtain bonds and insurances in accordance with the contract conditions.

Facilitate to issue required / Notices and provide “Possession” of site in prevention of any delays in commencement.

Operation on site

Management of contractor’s valuations including site visits and preparation of payment certificates.

Administration of variations and provide recommendations including reporting on revised budget or projected project costs.

Participate in meetings with contractor in finalizing interim certificate and variations and other contractual matters.

Obtain client’s approval for cost of variations.

Maintain records of instructions by the Architect/ Engineer for the purpose of variations issued to the Contractor.

Discuss and finalize all contractual matters.

Administer bonds and Insurance policies.

Final account agreements.

Liaise with Architect/ Engineer and prepare Certificate of Completion and Maintenance certificate.

Dispute Resolution

Adjudication and/ or involved in Dispute Adjudication Boards.(Spc)

Mediation or any other ADR methods in disputes.(Spc)

Arbitration and/ or involved in arbitration proceedings.(Spc)

Feed back/ in use

Administer the contract after practical completion.(Spc)

Analyze of job records, if include in fee.(Spc)

Inspect completed construction works.

Carry out cost studies of building in use such as fire loss assessments, energy reporting, costs in use and facilities management, if included in fees.(Spc)

Professional Indemnity (P.I)

P.I insurance cover is not included. If employer requires this insurance, fee to be agreed based on the project and insurance details.(Spc)