purse tightenFinancial control, upon which the success of a project depends, begins with a preliminary estimate based on the client’s requirements along with experts' cost advices and management services. Cost management including life cycle costing with an appropriate procurement system would further ensure client’s expectations.

We provide wide range of cost management services with our main focus being cost effective solutions that offer the most favorable project outcome.

Our team of experts uses in-house historic database and researched current pricing to provide up to date cost plan. We use established principles to provide our clients with the most appropriate budgets for projects. Also, we provide alternative proposals using value-engineering techniques.

A contract document, properly drafted with adequate information without repetition provides smooth administration of the contract minimizing exposure to claims and disputes.

We prepare tender and contract documents that suit to the type of the project and the procurement system.

Our contract review service includes a comprehensive analysis of the tender/contract package, risks assessment and recommendations.

We can also assist in preparation of various types of agreements including joint venture, consortium and purchase agreements in a way of two parties and multi-parties arrangement.

Our general Quantity Surveying services also include:

  • Measurements for interim valuations
  • Measurements for final accounts
  • Measurements for tendering
  • Preparation of variation accounts/orders
  • Handling of sub-contractor accounts for contractors
  • Compilation and submission of application for payments
  • Cost/value reconciliations and financial budgets
  • Final account negotiation and agreement

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