We provide specialist services to employers/ developers, consultants and contractors in construction conflicts/ disputes management. We have a separate branch, VFORM Dispute Management (ADR) Centre; there we have the capability to provide the total package starting from contract administration through conflicts/ dispute avoidance, dispute management and, if disputes arise, up to resolution of disputes by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an "alternative" to litigation/ court proceedings.

In ADR processes the parties present/ argue their case in front of a third party who seeks to facilitate a settlement and, in some procedures, gives a recommendation if a settlement is not forthcoming and in some procedures, gives a decision. These are clearly processes that enable the parties to remain in control.

The aim of ADR is to find a commercially acceptable solution to commercial disputes. The parties to a “commercial dispute” should preferably look at the dispute as a matter of – how much money to exchange between them.

We are capable of providing services as counsel to the parties, acting as the neutral third party/ facilitator on various methods of ADR, namely, Amicable Settlement, Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation, Adjudication, and Arbitration.

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